Essential guide to the Library IBM PC - London : Meckler, - v.

The hardware, sep-up and expansion / by Nancy Jean Melin Vol.I. The Operating System: PC-DOS / Suzana Lisanti Vol.2. Library Application Software / Susan Goodrich Miles Vol.3. Data Communications: Going Online / Fobert F.Jack Vol.4. Buying and Installing Generic Software for Library Use / Patrick R. Dewey Vol.5. Spreadsheets for the IBM: A librarian's Guide / Patricia Johnson Swersey Vol.6. Database Management Systems / Jo Ann Buckley Vol.7. Library Applications of Optical Disk and CD-ROM Technology / Nancy Melin Nelson Vol.8. The OCLC Workstation / Dan Marmion Vol.9. Shareware for Library Applications / Alan R. Samuels Vol.10. Acquisitions Systems for Libraries / Norman Desmarais Vol.11. Serials Control Systems for Libraries / by T. Davis and J. Huesmann Vol.12. PC-based integrated library systems / Marshall Breeding Vol. 13. The Operating System: PC-DOS / Karl Beiser Vol.14. Utility software / Blaine Victor Morrow Vol. 15.


IBM PC (Ordenador)--Aplicaciones en bibliotecas

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