Barnett, J.A.

Yeasts : characteristics and identification / J.A. Barnett, R.W. Payne, D. Yarrow ; photomicrographs by Linda Barnett - 3rd ed. - Cambridge : Cambridge University Press, 2000 - 1139 p. ; 30 cm



This new edition of the standard yeast identification and reference manual is the most up-to-date ever published. Over half of the volume is devoted to descriptions of the 678 currently recognised species, presented in a clear, easy to use layout and illustrated with over 1300 high quality photomicrographs. Readily usable keys and tables allow identification of all of the species described and a wealth of reference information broadens the scope of the book beyond identification. The book provides: - 678 species descriptions, with the results of 99 physiological tests displayed at a glance - Over 1300 high quality photomicrographs to accompany the descriptions, including 500 photomicrographs new to this edition - Nine identification keys, based on clearly defined groups of yeasts - Tables for identifying each species - A summary of the characteristics of 93 yeast genera - A list of nearly 4000 published yeast names, with provenances and synonyms - A list of specific epithets, with the genera to which they have belonged - General sections on yeast classification and laboratory methods - An extensive bibliography and a comprehensive glossary. Índice: Acknowledgements; 1. Introduction; 2. How this book was produced; 3. How yeasts are classified; 4. Laboratory methods for identifying yeasts; 5. Characteristics of the genera; 6. Summary of specific characteristics; 7. Descriptions of the species, arranged alphabetically; 8. The keys; 9. Tables for identifying individual species; 10. Register of yeasts names; 11. Register of specific epithets; Addendum of recently describes species; Glossary; References; Subject index.



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