Munter, Mary

Guide to managerial communication : effective business writing and specking / Mary Munter - 7th ed. - Upper Saddle River : Prentice Hall, 2006 - X, 193 p. : graf. ; 20 cm - The Prentice Hall Series in advanced business communication .


Bibliografía: p. 179-182

Written by an experienced consultant and leader in the management communication field, this succinct and down-to-earth guide summarizes and reviews communication, writing and speaking strategies -- arming readers with the know-how, techniques, and skills to deal successfully with managerial communication issues they face on the job each day as business professionals. An excellent resource guide regardless of the reader's level expertise with writing and speaking. The clear, practical writing style with a direct, matter-of-fact, nontheoretical tone and clear guidelines and models makes it easy to read or skim through this book without being confused, insulted with remedial information or bogged down by irrelevant information. Communication Strategy, Composing Efficiently, Macro and Micro Issues of Writing, Verbal Structure, Visual Aids and Nonverbal Skills.


Comunicación en la empresa.

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