Himmelblau, David M.

Basic principles and calculations in chemical engineering / David M. Himmelblau, James B. Riggs - 7th ed. - Upper Saddle River : Prentice Hall PTR, 2007 - XXX, 1120 p. ; 24 cm + 1 Disco compacto



This book is intended to serve as an introduction to the principles and techniques used in the field of chemical, petroleum, and environmental engineering. Although the range of subjects deemed to be in the province of chemical engineering has broadened over the last decade, the basic principles involved in chemical engineering remain the same. This book lays a foundation of certain information and skills that can be repeatedly employed in subsequent courses as well as in professional life. Much of the previous edition has been rewritten. One new topic (Chapter 20) on adsorption has been added.Reorganization: Although each chapter has been revised, the sequence of the topics and the format remain about the same. The Seventh edition takes individual topics that were previously in one long chapter, and makes them individual short chapters of them so that readers can feel a sense of accomplishment more rapidly and review more definitively.In addition to the revised learning tutorial placed on CD, the new edition boasts revamped problem solving strategy (now emphasized in all of the examples) and brand new problems to solve (35% of the problems are brand new). Índice: Preface. Read Me. Frequently Asked Questions. I. INTRODUCTION. 1. Dimensions, Units, and Their Conversion. Units and Dimensions. Operations with Units. Conversion of Units and Conversion Factors. Dimensional Consistency (Homogeneity). Significant Figures. Validation of Problem Solutions. 2. Moles, Density, and Concentration. The Mole. Density. Specific Gravity. Flow Rate. Mole Fraction and Mass (Weight) Fraction. Analyses of Multicomponent Solutions and Mixtures. Concentration. 3. Choosing A Basis. 4. Temperature. 5. Pressure. Pressure and Its Units. Measurement of Pressure. Differential Pressure Measureme... Etc.


Ingeniería Química

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