The SAGE handbook of child development, multiculturalism, and media / Handbook of child development, multiculturalism, and media Child development, multiculturalism, and media edited by Joy Keiko Asamen, Mesha L. Ellis, Gordon L. Berry. - London : SAGE, 2008. - xxviii, 495 p. : ill. ; 27 cm.

Includes bibliographical references and indexes.

Foreword: Multiculturalism, Media, and Money - John P. Murray, Farrell J. Webb Introduction: The Interface of Child Development, Multiculturalism, and Media Within a Worldview Framework - Gordon L. Berry PART I. Foundations for Multicultural Concepts, Child Development Principles, and an Emerging Worldview 1. Multiculturalism as a Cornerstone of Being in the 21st Century: A Historical Perspective - Ronald Takaki 2. Children and the Principles of Learning: Implications for Multicultural Development - Mesha L. Ellis 3. Children and Cognition: Development of Social Schema - John E. Lochman, Khiela J. Holmes, Mary Wojnaroski 4. Ethnic and Racial Identity Development in Children of Color - Sha'kema M. Blackmon, Elizabeth M. Vera 5. Research Methods Related to Understanding Multicultural Concepts - Frederick T. L. Leong, Desiree Baolian Qin, Jason L. Huang PART II. Institutions of Socialization and the Development of a Child's Multicultural Worldview 6. Multicultural Issues in the Lives of Developing Children in the 21st Century - Daren A. Graves, Sherryl Brown Graves 7. Home and Family in the Development of a Multicultural Worldview - Sinead N. Younge, Harriette Pipes McAdoo 8. Socio-Political and Community Dynamics in the Development of a Multicultural Woldview - Shelly P. Harrell, Miguel E. Gallardo 9. Changing Drum Rhythms: How Religious Leaders Can Affirm the Value of Multiculturalism in their Communities - Erylene Piper-Mandy, Daryl M. Rowe 10. Improving Academic Possibilities of Students of Color during the Middle School to High School Transition: Conceptual and Strategic Considerations in a U.S. Context - Robert Cooper, Cheong R. Huh 11. Does Integration and Belonging Go Hand in Hand? Adolescents' Social and Educational Experiences in a Multicultural Learning Environment - Evellyn Elizondo, Kimberly A. White-Smith, Walter R. Allen 12. The Influence of Peers on the Development of a Multicultural Worldview - Cynthia Hudley PART III. Media and the Development of a Child's Multicultural Worldview 13. Media and Communication Theories: Implications for a Multicultural Perspective - Dana Mastro, Michelle Ortiz 14. The Influence of Print Medium on the Development of a Multicultural Perspective in Children - Clint C. Wilson II, Mary J. Wilson 15. Children's Television Programming and the Development of Multicultural Attitudes - Sherryl Browne Graves 16. Advertisements, Commercials, and the Development of a Child's Multicultural Worldview - Jeffrey E. Brand 17. Children and Television News Broadcasting: An Intercultural Communication Analytical Approach - Venita A. Kelley 18. An Evaluation of the Effects of Movies on Adolescent Viewers - Jannette L. Dates, Lillie M. Fears, Josephine Stedman 19. The Multicultural Implications of Popular Music - Peter Christenson, Tom ter Bogt 20. Multiculturalism and Music Videos: Effects on the Socioemotional Development of Children and Adolescents - Khia A. Thomas, Kyla M. Day, L. Monique Ward 21. Electronic Media and Learning through Imaginative Games for Urban Children - Dorothy G. Singer, Jerome L. Singer, Harvey F. Bellin 22. The Influence of Computers, Interactive Games, and the Internet on a Child's Multicultural Worldview - Adrienne Shaw, Deborah L. Linebarger 23. Multicultural Perspectives, Developing Children, and Access to the Information Superhighway - Edward L. Palmer, Jennifer A. Tuttle 24. Making Sense of Kids Making Sense: Media Encounters and "Multicultural" Methods - Darnell M. Hunt, Angela James PART IV. Perspectives on Media Literacy and the Forces that Shape the Media Experiences of Children 25. Media Literacy, the First 100 Years: A Cultural Analysis - James A. Anderson 26. Educational Settings and the Use of Technology to Promote the Multicultural Development of Children - Kevin Clark 27. The Changing Landscape: Media Advocacy for the New Millennium - Laurie A. Trotta 28. Role of Parents and Caregivers in Creating a Healthy Multicultural Media Environment for Children

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