Ronchi, Alfredo M.

eCulture : cultural content in the digital age / Alfredo M. Ronchi - Dordrecht : Springer, 2009 - XXX, 456 p. : il. ; 25 cm


Bibliografía: p. 437-451

Do virtual museums really provide added value to end-users, or do they just contribute to the abundance of images? Does the World Wide Web save endangered cultural heritage, or does it foster a society with less variety? How can information technology help to preserve the diversity of cultures in our fast-changing world? These are the questions that are raised and answered in this book, the result of a long path across the digital heritage landscape. Alfredo M. Ronchi, Secretary of the EC MEDICI Cooperation Framework, gives a broad overview of eCulture and digital heritage. His presentation is divided into three main sections: the first one devoted to the main issues and general guidelines, the second to technological fundamentals and the main solutions, and the third to applications and services. Índice: Chapter 1: The role of content and the general backround.- Chapter2: General Technological Framework.- Chapter 3: Exploitation, applications and services.


Industria cultural
Tecnología de la información
Web semántica

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