Chemistry and molecular aspects of drug design and action / [edited by] E.A. Rekka, P.N. Kourounakis - Boca Raton : CRC Press, 2008 - XXII, 356 p. : il. ; 25 cm

Provides broad yet comprehensive coverage of current topics in medicinal chemistry. Presents tools for studying and interpreting the molecular mechanisms of action and their various interactions at the molecular level. Discusses xenobiotic metabolism. Explores current trends in Alzheimer's disease, HIV, and addiction. Describes the chemical, biochemical, and biological aspects of pathobiological conditions. Includes information on physical organic and theoretical medicinal chemistry. Drawing from synthetic chemistry, molecular modeling, computational biology, structural genomics, and pharmacology, this text fully explores medicinal chemistry. With a chemical-molecular perspective, it focuses on the correlation of properties and biological activity, and delves into the phenomenon of xenobiotic metabolism. Written by experts representing various research fields, Medicinal Chemistry addresses current epidemiological, scientific, social, and economic concerns, and considers approaches to Alzheimer's, HIV, addiction, and environmental chemical toxicity, as well as cardiovascular, psychological, and neurological disorders. It also examines approaches to rational drug design Índice: Chemical, Biochemical, and Biological Aspects of Pathobiological Conditions. Classical Medicinal Chemistry, including Chemical Synthesis in Fair Detail. Medicinal Chemistry, with Emphasis on Drug Design, based on Chemical and Molecular Aspects of Drug Action. Drug-Xenobiotic Metabolism. Physical Organic and Theoretical Medicinal Chemistry


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