Collin, Finn

Science studies as naturalized philosophy / by Finn Collin - Dordrecht : Springer, 2011 - XIII, 247 p. ; 25 cm - Synthese library ; 348 .


Bibliografía: p. 231-239

This book approaches its subject matter in a way that combines a strong analytical and critical perspective with a historical and sociological framework for the understanding of the emergence of Science Studies. This is a novelty, since extant literature on this topic tends either to narrate the history of the field, with little criticism, or to criticize Science Studies from a philosophical platform but with little interest in its historical and social context. The book provides a critical review of the most prominent figures in Science Studies (also known as Science and Technology Studies) and traces the historical roots of the discipline back to developments emerging after World War II. It also presents it as an heir to a long trend in Western thought towards the naturalization of philosophy, where a priori modes of thought are replaced by empirical ones. Finally, it points to ways for Science Studies to proceed in the future. Offers a critical overview of the main figures in Science and Technology Studies Provides a historical and social setting for the emergence of Science and Technology Studies that makes this phenomenon more transparent to newcomers to the field Points to fruitful lines of development for Science and Technology Studies in the future Índice: Preface.- Introduction.- 1. The Naturalization of Philosophy.- 2. Wittgenstein, Kuhn and the Turn towards Science Studies.- 3. David Bloor and the Strong Programme.- 4. The Strong Programme as Naturalized Philosophy.- 5. Harry Collins and the Empirical Programme of Relativism.- 6. Bruno Latour and Actor Network Theory.- 7. Latour's Metaphysics.- 8. Andrew Pickering and the Mangle of Practice.- 9. Steve Fuller and Social Epistemology.- 10. An Alternative Road for Science and Technology. Studies and the Naturalization of Philosophy of Science.- Notes.- References.- Index.



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