Berman Brown, Reva..

Doing your dissertation in business and management : the reality of researching and writing / Reva. Berman Brown. - London : SAGE, 2006. - 121 p. ; 21 cm. - Sage study skills .

This is a research book with a difference. It tells the truth about the research process. Each phase of a research project is addressed in the simultaneous order in which researchers often undertake them. Importantly, the book recognizes that writing up a research project is rarely organized in the form in which the dissertation is finally presented. Readers are given guidelines to help them assess the kind of researcher they are and the all important question of how to chose a research project is answered. The book is easy to read and covers: - An explanation of what lies behind the requirements that need to be met by a research proposal - What readers should expect from their supervisors and what the researched organisation might expect from readers - Support for the confused and anxious student This book will guide the student through a challenging time, giving quick and realistic support to enable a stress-free completion of their final dissertation and project write up. Indice: 1- Whatś in this for you?. 2- Before you begin to begin. 3- On the edge of the beginning. 4- The problem with the reseach problem. 5- The problem with the research process. 6- Time well spent: the research design. 7- What they said about yor topic: the literature search and review. 8- Getting your information and dealing with it. 9- Writing matters. 10- The final effort. Appendix 1 How to read a business/ management academic paper. Appendix 2 Dont́ forget your ethics. Appendix 3 Lett ś have an argument.


Dissertations, Academic.
Investigación científica--Gestión
Tesis doctorales--Gestión

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