Martin, John C..

Introduction to languages and theory of computation / John C. Martin.ISBN:9780071289429 - 4ª ed. - New York : McGraw-Hill, 2011. - xii, 436 p. ; 24 cm.

Índice abreviado: 1. Mathematical tools and techniques 2. Finite automata and the languages they accept 3. Regular expressions, nondeterminism, and Kleene's theorem 4. Context-free languages 5. Pushdown automata 6. Context-free and not-context-free languages 7. Turing machines 8. Recursively enumerable languages 9. Undecidable problems 10. Computable functions 11. Intoduction to computational complexity . Solutions to selected exercices. Selected bibliography. Index of notation. Index.


Lenguajes de programación.
Autómatas matemáticos, Teoría de.
Funciones calculables.
Programming languages (Electronic computers)
Machine theory.
Computable functions.

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