Keszei, Ernö

Chemical Thermodynamics An Introduction / [Recurso electrónico] : by Ernö Keszei. - Berlin, Heidelberg : Springer Berlin Heidelberg : Imprint: Springer, 2012.

Postulates of thermodynamics -- Thermodynamic equilibrium in isolated and isentropic systems -- Thermodynamic equilibrium in systems with other constraints -- Thermodynamic processes and engines -- Thermodynamics of mixtures (multi-component systems) -- Phase equilibria -- Equilibria of chemical reactions -- Extension of thermodynamics for additional interactions (non-simple systems) -- Elements of equilibrium statistical thermodynamics -- Transport processes.

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This course-derived undergraduate textbook provides a concise explanation of the key concepts and calculations of chemical thermodynamics. Instead of the usual Ìc̈lassicalÌ© introduction, this text adopts a straightforward postulatory approach that introduces thermodynamic potentials such as entropy and energy more directly and transparently. Structured around several features to assist studentsÌ© understanding, Chemical Thermodynamics : - Develops applications and methods for the ready treatment of equilibria on a sound quantitative basis. - Requires minimal background in calculus to understand the text and presents formal derivations to the student in a detailed but understandable way. - Offers end-of-chapter problems (and answers) for self-testing and review and reinforcement, of use for self- or group study. This book is suitable as essential reading for courses in a bachelor and master chemistry program and is also valuable as a reference or textbook for students of physics, biochemistry and materials science.

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Chemistry, Physical organic.
Chemical engineering.
Physical Chemistry.
Engineering Thermodynamics, Heat and Mass Transfer.
Industrial Chemistry/Chemical Engineering.
Materials Science, general.
Biochemistry, general.

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