Tatnall, Arthur.

Reflections on the History of Computing Preserving Memories and Sharing Stories / [Recurso electrónico] : edited by Arthur Tatnall. - Berlin, Heidelberg : Springer Berlin Heidelberg : Imprint: Springer, 2012. - IFIP Advances in Information and Communication Technology ; 387 .

Australia̩s WREDAC.- It Was Rocket Science -- Remembering LEO -- A Possible First Use of CAM/CAD -- Roberto Busa (1913-2011), Pioneer of Computers for the Humanities -- Micro Programming -- Experiences and Reflections -- Information Systems Degrees in Australia: The Genesis -- Looking Back -- The Impact of the Y2K Event on the Popularity of the Pick Database Environment -- Evolution of Computer Science Education in the Purview of Free Education -- Evolution of Computer Education in Spain: From Early Times to theImplementation of the Bologna Agreement -- The History of Computer Language Selection -- History of Data Centre Development -- Early Italian Computing Machines and Their Inventors -- Computing for the Masses? Constructing a British Culture of Computing in the Home -- Reflections on the History of Computer Education in Schools in Victoria -- From the History of Russian Computer Science -- Hungarian Scientists in Information Technology -- Information Technology in Italy: The Origins and the Early Years (1954 - 1965) -- Institutional Nostalgia- Museum Victoria̩s Cabinet of Computing Curiosities -- The Changing Face of the History of Computing: The Role of Emulation in Protecting Our Digital Heritage -- My Fascination with Computing History.

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This book is a collection of refereed invited papers on the history of computing from the 1940s to the 1990s with one paper going back to look at Italian calculating/computing machines from the first century to the 20th century. The 22 papers cover a wide range of computing related topics such as specific early computer systems, their construction, their use and their users; software programming and operating systems; people involved in the theory, design and use of these computers; computer education; and conservation of computing technology. Many of the authors were actually involved in the events they describe and share their specific reflections on the history of computing.

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Computer science.
Computer network architectures.
Software engineering.
Computer Science.
History of Computing.
Computers and Education.
Computer Science, general.
Control Structures and Microprogramming.
Computer System Implementation.
Software Engineering/Programming and Operating Systems.

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