Behmann, Fawzi

Collaborative internet of things (C-IoT) : for future smart connected life and business / Fawzi Behmann, Kwok Wu - Chichester : John Wiley and Sons, 2015 - XXI, 282 p. ; 26 cm.



This book provides a simplified visionary approach about the future direction of IoT, addressing its wide-scale adoption in many markets, its interception with advanced technology, the explosive growth in data, and the emergence of data analytics. IoT business applications span multiple vertical markets. The objective is to inspire creative thinking and collaboration among startups and entrepreneurs which will breed innovation and deliver IoT solutions that will positively impact us by making business processes more efficient, and improving our quality of life. With increasing proliferation of smart-phones and social media, data generated by user wearable/mobile devices continue to be key sources of information about us and the markets around us. Better insights will be gained through cognitive computation coupled with business intelligence and visual analytics that are GIS-based.


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Redes sociales en internet
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