Slater, Lauren

Opening Skinner's box: great psychological experiments of the 20th century / Lauren Slater - London : Bloomsbury, 2005 - X, 276 p. ; 20 cm.


Opening Skinner's box: B.F. Skinner's rat race --
Obscura: Stanley Milgram and obedience to authority --
On being sane in insane places: experimenting with psychiatric diagnosis --
In the unlikely event of a water landing: Darley and Latané's training manual --
a five-stage approach --
Quieting the mind: the experiments of Leon Festinger --
Monkey love: Harry Harlow's primates --
Rat Park: the radical addiction experiment --
Lost in the mall: the false memory experiment --
Memory Inc.: Eric Kandel's sea slug experiment --
Chipped: this century's most radical mind cures --

A century can be understood in many ways - in terms of its inventions, its crimes or its art. In Opening Skinner's Box, Lauren Slater sets out to investigate the twentieth century through a series of ten fascinating, witty and sometimes shocking accounts of its key psychological experiments. Starting with the founder of modern scientific experimentation, B.F. Skinner, Slater traces the evolution of the last hundred years' most pressing concerns - free will, authoritarianism, violence, conformity and morality. Previously buried in academic textbooks, these often daring experiments are now seen in their full context and told as stories, rich in plot, wit and character.


Skinner, B. F. (Burrhus Frederic)--1904-1990.

Psicología experimental--Historia
Psychology, Experimental --History

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