Sousa, David A.

How the brain learns mathematics / David A. Sousa - 2nd ed. - California : Corwin, 2015 - X, 245 p. : il., gráf. ; 28 cm.

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The bestselling and award-winning first edition of How the Brain Learns Mathematics quickly revolutionized math teaching and learning. The second edition takes readers to the next level with new brain-friendly strategies backed by the latest research from education and neuroscience and even more ways to seamlessly incorporate what you learn about your students’ developing minds into your math classroom.In this essential resource, you’ll discover the cognitive mechanisms involved in processing mathematical operations, while exploring the environmental and developmental factors that create learning difficulties. How the Brain Learns Mathematics also presents a unique and simplified four-step teaching model that relates students’ classroom experience to concrete, real-world applications. Features of the new edition includeMore strategies for motivating adolescentsIntegration of the arts into mathematics instructionNew information on how technology affects attention and memoryExpanded sections on number sense and ELL instructionMore than 160 new references and a greatly expanded index for readers’ convenienceNo matter what grade you teach, your students are growing and changing. Understanding how their brains work is the key to reaching every one of them—and making math a positive part of their lives for years to come.


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