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245 0 0 _aMedicinal chemistry of bioactive natural products /
_cEdited by Xiao-Tian Liang, Wei-Shuo Fang
260 _aNew Jersey :
_bJohn Wiley & Sons,
300 _aXIX, 460 P. :
_bil. ;
_c25 cm
500 _aIndice
504 _aBibliografía: p. 437-441
520 _aFeaturing contributions by some of the world's leading scientists in the field, Medicinal Chemistry of Bioactive Natural Products contains articles dealing with discovery, structure elucidation, and elegant synthetic strategies developed for natural products, with an emphasis on the structure activity relationship of bioactive natural products. The topics in this book are selected carefully since bioactive natural products are clinically useful pharmaceuticals or the primary compounds under extensive medicinal chemistry exploration. The book provides examples with updated research results while also bringing a historical perspective to the chemistry and biology of some selected bioactive compounds, a technique which could inform researchers about the process of developing pharmaceuticals, from discovery to application as drugs.
520 _aÍndice: The chemistry and biology of epothilones. Lead structures for the discovery of improved microtubule inhibitors. The chemistry and biology of vancomycin and other glycopeptide antibiotic derivatives. Structure Modifications and their inluences on antitumor and other related activities of taxol and its analogs. The overview of studies on huperzine A: a natural drug for the treatment of Alzheimer's disease. Qinghaosu. A fantastic antimalarial drug form a traditional Chinese medicine. Progress o
650 0 4 _aQuímica farmacéutica
650 0 4 _aProductos naturales
650 0 4 _aDrogas
700 1 _aLiang, Xiaotian.
700 1 _aFang, Wei-Shuo.
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