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100 1 _aEisenberg, Michael B.
245 1 0 _aInformation literacy :
_bessential skills for the information age /
_cMichael B. Eisenberg, Carrie A. Lowe, Kathleen L. Spitzer ; foreword by Patricia Senn Breivik.
250 _a2nd ed.
260 _aWestport :
_bLibraries Unlimited,
300 _aXVIII, 408 p. ;
_c24 cm.
500 _aIndice.
504 _aBibliografía: p. 289-394.
505 0 _aDefining information literacy -- The evolution of a concept -- Information literacy research -- An economic perspective -- K-12 education : information literacy in the context of national and state standards -- K-12 education : restructuring and information literacy -- K-12 education : information literacy efforts -- Information literacy in higher education -- Technology and information literacy -- Information literacy : the future and the past.
520 _aThis is the definitive work on information literacy. Dr. Michael Eisenberg, known worldwide as one of the originators of the innovative Big6 Information Problem Solving Process, and frequent presenters on the subject Carrie A. Lowe and Kathleen L. Spitzer have extensively revised and updated this long-awaited second edition. Tracing the history of information literacy, the authors discuss its economic importance; examine past, present, and current research in the field; and explain how information literacy relates to the national standards transforming K-12 education and higher education today. The authors also look at examples of information literacy in several different contexts, underscoring both its importance and pervasiveness in our society. Learning to be critical and savvy consumers of information is necessary in today's world. This book provides both the theoretical background and practical guidelines to confidently impart these essential skills to your students.
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700 1 _aLowe, Carrie A.
700 1 _aSpitzer, Kathleen L.
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